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Pozzi Umberto developed a considerable experience in the furniture industry and this led us to diversify our production, offering the possibility of customization on the needs and requests of the customers.

Without ever forgetting the quality standards that have always been distinguishing our company, we design and realize tailored-made furnishing. Assisted by expert carpenters for an individual guidance, the customer will have a variety of options to choose from including wood type, veneer and size to get personal and unique living solutions.

The company also supports customers with consulting and projecting services to identify dimensional, functional and aesthetic requirements and it will works according to these variable and to the available budget, ensuring great value products.

Tended to continuously improve the quality of the products, Pozzi Umberto knows the importance of approaching the market to understand the actual trends. A constant research on materials, tools and embellishments is achieved to realize high quality furnishing solutions that move with times, though maintaining the strong character of classic style, The wood is obviously the protagonist and it's declined in all species; from the traditional ones such as walnut, cherry and oak to more modern ones like tek, beech and Tanganika walnut.